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Q-Flo has an on going commitment to establishing long term partnerships to enable it to work with customers, developing solutions to meet and exceed tomorrows expectations.  The demands of a world where light weight, low carbon footprint solutions are required can only be met by the development and introduction of new classes of materials such as Tortech Mat.

Driven by in depth and rigorous academic standards Q-Flo leads and participates in research activities at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.  In addition to supporting PhD studentships this includes participation in the ANAM initiative and delivery of a newly awarded £1.4m Innovate UK grant.

Academic understanding is translated into real world utility by our in house development activities.  These are currently undertaken by our development teams at out Tortech manufacturing facility but will be extended following the commissioning of a UK based ‘semi-tech’ facility.

However, the core of our activity is driven by customer needs and our commitment to working to resolve their problems.  Several UK based programmes are underway with both large organisations and SMEs.  If you believe that our Tortech Mat materials can provide you with value adding opportunities then please contact Q-Flo and we will be pleased to explore opportunities with you.

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