Work with CNT

Q-Flo is actively seeking to build and extend its network of academic and commercial partnerships.

Working with commercial and academic partners Q-Flo is expanding the envelope of opportunities and applications for its carbon nanotube products. It is developing a fundamental understand of the mechanisms and processes, which make these products so unique and valuable. Working from the nano-scale upwards the development of knowledge and understanding is a key success criteria for Q-Flo.

Activities range from single company projects to sector wide activity and grant funded consortia. All are focused on realizing utility and value from a remarkable range of new materials.

  • Composites: improved properties and multifunctionallity

  • Textiles: multifunctionallity

  • Resistance Heating capability

  • Directional Thermal Conductivity and Heat Management

  • Light-weigh durable Electromagnetic Screening

  • Light-weight Power and Signal Transmission

  • Electrostatic Strike Dissipation in composite and other structures